Weekly Happy Dollars go to support the I Have a Dream Class at the Thunder Valley K-8 in Frederick. Thanks to Jenn Abrams for recording everyone's story each week!
October 9, 2018
Our speaker, Lloyd Lewis CEO of Arc Thrift Stores talked about how his personal life lead him to Arc and how inclusion is the key to success of the company.  Arc also large supporter of many other local non-profits.  Arc is a worthwhile company to support by donating items or shopping in their stores.  Llyod was an interesting speaker - check out his book  Why Not Them  
We mixed up the order of the happy dollars, of course, without warning.  Sean felt put on the spot!  :) 
Sean really is excited about the cooler weather.  I'm sure he is excited to hear snow is in the forecast!  
Cheryl - the wedding is in the books!  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Everything came together well.  The theme was steampunk - how cool!  Cheryl has promised to show pictures.  Cheryl is also happy she attended the High Country Veterans Event at the Frederick Harley Davidson.  
Barb was also at the High Country Veterans event playing footsy with Dinger, the mascot of the Colorado Rockies.  And she had a picture!  Sounds like Barb had a better time at the event!
Jenn had a fun time at Oktoberfest at Pepper's Grille over the weekend.  They had a live band playing polkas to Neil Diamond.  And there was beer!  haha
Bev fixed her trains and finished the Halloween decorations.  She is ready for her Halloween open house!  Everyone should be getting their invite for the 28th!  
Roman was in the middle of an annual clean up - he was glad to learn where he should donate his used items (hint ARC).  
Garry was happy that he has donated to ARC in the past, especially after hearing from Lloyd.  
Greg - Kelly (Greg's daughter) is married!   The ceremony was beautiful.  Greg's father daughter dance was epic!  It started with Woody's Kelly Song and moved into Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine.  A cool mix!  I wonder how long Kelly had been planning that detail?  
October 2, 2019
October 24th End World Polio Day.  Here is Why End Polio?  Website Link End Polio
Roman said that road side clean up was profitable!  He found a dollar and 16 golf balls!  It was so many golf balls he couldn't carry all of them.  Roman also said he needs carpal tunnel surgery on his arm - was this related to the road side clean up?!?  hmm Thanks Roman for putting your all into cleaning up the road!  
Greg had a balloon ride with his future son-in-law.  The question before the ride was would there be as many passengers landing with the balloon as passengers when the balloon launched.  Hinting that Greg's future SIL may not pass Greg's test.  Well he did!  The future SIL wasn't even ruffled when he learned the pilot's day job was a mortician!  Which seems like it should have been a red flag for the future SIL. haha  It sounded like that they had a great flight - Frederick to Platteville.  And the wedding is this weekend!  
Clinton celebrated his wife's birthday over the weekend.  They celebrated with Kayla's family in Monument.  Happy Birthday Kayla!  
Brian - the high school had a successful homecoming!  The Pep rally was fun and the football team won the game!  The dance was a great success too - I think Brian said there were 700 kids attending.  Brian said they may need a bigger space for the next dance!  
Jenn was part of the Footsteps of Hope in Windsor over the weekend.  As part of the fundraising event, Jenn's pilot donated a balloon tether.  The balloon is secured, which allows the balloon to go up and down but not get carried away.  In groups of two or three, people were able to experience a short ride in a balloon.  They were able to give many cancer survivors, their friends and families a fun experience.  Glad the weather cooperated - it was a fun event!  
Garry - is just Happy!  Yay!  
Bill Jerke (our speaker)  didn't feel well the day before so he was happy he was feeling better for our meeting.  We're glad he was better too!
Bev - took a day off last week to decorate!  She has all her outside decorations displayed for HALLOWEEN!  She wanted to be completely prepared for October 1st (the first day of Halloween!)  We love Bev's enthusiasm!  Her Open House is scheduled for Sunday October 28th.  More details to follow!
September 11, 2018
We have another new member!  Sean Selters was inducted this morning at the regular meeting by our Assistant Governor Dale Rademacher.  Sean is a mortgage lender and lives in Firestone. Welcome Sean - we are very excited you are part of the group!  
Happy Dollars Summary -
Barb is happy that her mom was in town!  Mom (Theresa) spent Monday evening making Peach Cobbler, yummy!  The group extended an invitation for Mom to make Peach Cobblers for us, she politely declined.  Oh well.  Barb was also happy to briefly share Greg's experience with Honor Flight.  Barb's comment was Greg really didn't need the airplane to return from Washington because he was on such a high from the day of events.  We are all looking forward to hearing more from Greg when he visits our group.  
Barb's Mom was happy to be at the meeting and was happy to experience the Honor Flight send off.  She was very impressed.  We (Greg Z) also convinced Mom to share some dirt on Barb!  The story involved Barb learning a bad habit from her Aunt.  Please ask Barb for details because she loves the story!  haha.  By the way, new policy of CVR - if a family member visits a meeting they will be asked to share a story about the Rotarian. :)  So, please encourage family to visit!  We enjoyed Mom - thanks for coming to the meeting!  
Brian had a great tie on today, the stars and stripes!   Especially notable since today is 9/11.   He was happy to participate in Mile of Smiles for the Honor Flight send off.  Brian was a little woeful, as his first line up was the last lineup planned.  We get it - we'll miss it too!
Garry was happy to be here!  We are too!  Congratulations to Garry as he was recognized today as a Paul Harris Fellow + 2.  You are an inspiration Garry!  
Sean is happy to have served in the military at a time where service is appreciated.  We appreciate your service too - thank you!  
Greg went to Pueblo for the weekend and was surprised to find it was a cool place to visit.  Did you know Pueblo has a Riverwalk!?!  The town also had an interesting museum.  We'll have to check it out!
Roman was happy to be a part of the Mile of Smiles for the Honor Flight send off.  So glad to hear we had a good showing at the event!  Roman also said his Air BnB is still open for business.  Friends stay free, family is at a premium! haha 
Jenn was happy she went to Snowmass for a balloon festival.  It was a fabulous weekend spent with Ed and friends!
Dale (visiting from Mead and lead the induction for Sean) was happy to participate in Mead's Sugarbeet Festival this weekend.  He volunteered at the beer tent!  He made people very happy!
Bev was happy Peaches and Pears distribution was successful this weekend.  Glad it went well - success is owed to Bev herself for being so organized!  Thank you Bev!  Also, Bev was happy to see such a strong Mile of Smiles for the final Honor Flight send off.  
Leisl emailed they have been going through a tough time lately but she has been so impressed and proud of how Xander has been handling it. He is becoming quite the young man. Brooks is also finding his way. A few weeks ago he asked about taking a pottery spinning class. Leisl found one in Boulder that worked with their schedule. He has gone twice now and loves it.
September 4, 2018
Roman’s brother-in-law, Don, visiting from New Jersey was our speaker this morning.  He’s a retired middle school teacher and gave us some great insight into the struggles and highs-and-lows middle schoolers face in such a pivotal time of their life.  All good information, thanks Don!
Happy Dollar$ Recap:
Barb and hubby were invited to attend a Vet Court graduation at the Adams County Justice Center in Brighton last week.  (It was an invitation and not a subpoena!)  This program is available for Veterans only and helps those who have gotten themselves into trouble with the law learn how to clean up their act.  For those who qualify, it’s a 18 to 24 month program with a team of mentors.  Quite an amazing program.  Adams County is one of only six counties in the state with such a program.  Their success rate is about 80%.  https://www.courts.state.co.us/Administration/Custom.cfm?Unit=prbsolcrt&Page_ID=451
Greg celebrated a birthday weekend with family.  Happy Birthday!  He also took one of his weekend runs in the design of a “Thumbs Up” shape like you’d see on Facebook.  We gave him a thumbs up for his cleverness…again.
Sean’s wife loves horses.  She’s been using a tac locker that was less-than-perfect, so Sean built her a sturdy tac locker that will accommodate her horse-stuff and last a long time.  How thoughtful.
Don, Roman’s brother-in-law, volunteers at the Christian Health Care Center in New Jersey.  They just completed the FedEx Golf playoffs, whereby the PGA donated $10,000 to the health care facility!
Roman is happy to have his brother-in-law visiting.  That family is into family.
Bev celebrated the one year anniversary of welcoming little Koa into her life.  It was a year ago Sunday that she and Immi went to Santa Fe, NM to bring home the little bundle of joy.  Congrats!
August 28, 2018
Clinton's talk about his trip to South Africa was fantastic.  Clinton shared a book he created with some of the pictures he took while touring.  Wow!  Looked like an amazing experience.  If you missed the meeting this morning, please ask Clinton for a recap.  
Happy Dollars Today
Clinton - Caught off guard on going first, expressed his happiness in sharing his South Africa trip with us this morning.  We are happy you shared Clinton!
Roman - Has returned from New Jersey!  Five days of rain, he's a little waterlogged.  He is happy to be back in a more arid environment.  His brother is his next visitor and might be our next speaker.  Stay tuned!  
Greg - Enjoyed creating a specific shape while running in Chicago.  It matched the theme of his convention/ meeting. Greg had some difficultly creating sections of it in Grant Park.  While running through bushes and hopping fences Greg received several questioning looks from bystanders!  And a few bumps and scrapes!    
Sean - joined our meeting today to see if membership with this amazing and crazy group is for him!  Why wouldn't it?!? haha  Sean was happy to survive (yes he used that word!) the Spartan Race in Breckenridge. Spartan Race Not only is this race at elevation AND it is 13.1 miles but it also had obstacles.  One of most challenging obstacles Sean found was wading through chest deep glacier runoff.  He then had to continue running.  Burr!  Impressive!  Maybe he is crazy enough for the group!?!  
Cheryl is in major wedding mode.  She is more than 80% complete on sewing decorative drapery.  That is labor of love!   Can't wait to see the pictures!
Jenn is a local celebrity winning 2nd place in the American Legion Cornhole tournament.  Congrats Jenn!  On Sunday, Jenn and Ed enjoyed eating their way through the Polish festival in Denver.  That's one part of Chicago Ed really misses - the food!  Glad he could have a taste of home.   
Barb and Greg cooked up wings for VFW Post this weekend.  I think Barb said she took a more supervisory role but said it was a good time.  Barb and Greg gave a rave review for the production from Up with People.  Bev also enjoyed the event.  Then Barb and Greg joined their neighbor Jean for a fancy dinner at St Julien Hotel in Boulder.  St Julien Looks super nice!  
Bev is happy that Halloween decorations are now available in stores! Bev made her first Halloween purchase of this year!  Wonder if it was scary or sweet?!?  Halloween will be here before you know it!  
August 21, 2018
We have a new member!  Cheryl Truax was inducted this morning at the regular meeting.  Congratulations and welcome Cheryl!  We are glad you are a member of our group!  Cheryl brought her own cheering section - her husband Mark.  Glad to meet you Mark!   
Happy Dollars Summary - 
Lyle - Was happy to have spent some time with Barb and Greg recently.  Greg introduced Lyle to a program helping veterans - Qualified Listeners.  This supportive program sounds interesting - maybe Barb and Greg can share more information with the group sometime?  In the meantime check out the website  Qualified Listeners  Great to see you Lyle!   
Barb - Is excited her mother is planning a visit.  The visit will coincide with the Honor Flight in September.  Barb's mom hasn't been able to attend one yet. Since Greg will be on that flight seems fitting that this will be the one to see.  We hope you have a nice visit.  
Cheryl - Is excited she is an official Rotarian!  We are too!  Welcome, welcome!
Mark - Is happy for family!  Yay!  Nice that he is supporting Cheryl by attending the meeting this morning.  
Jeremy Young (Fire Chief) - Had to limit sharing all of his happiness, he said we didn't have enough time to go over it all.  He is happy for RAIN! Yes, for obvious reasons for dampening fires, of course.  Maybe for the rainbows too?  He didn't say.  Jeremy is also happy to be a part of our community.  We're happy he's a part of it too! Good to see him today.  
Dale Rademacher from the Mead Club and Assistant Governor - Is happy to be with our club this morning (we are too!)  He is looking forward to engaging with Rotary Club Presidents and helping them with their club's goals.  Dale is also proud of his family - 3 sons and 1 daughter.  All three sons will be having weddings in 13 months.  Whew - maybe he needs to buy a tux for all the upcoming nuptials?!?  We wish him the best and hope to see him on occasion at our meetings.  
Garry - Garry is back!  He had a fantastic two week trip to Alaska!  His Grandsons and a grandson's girlfriend joined Garry for a period of the trip.  They stayed on a house boat and fished and fished and fished.  They caught and ate so much Salmon!  Fabulous!  Of course, we're all waiting for him to share the wealth - haha.  Glad you're back Garry!    
Jenn - had a great trip to Scottsbluff NE, She enjoyed checking out the interesting rock formations.  The weekend wasn't great for hot air ballooning but she still had fun!
Bev - Was happy to be inducting Cheryl!  Yay!  And Bev completed her To Do List over the weekend.  Completed!  What an accomplishment Bev!  If you need things to do... you can ask any one of us! haha 
Roman - Happy to be in New Jersey with family and friends.  It’s been raining here every day but nice to be with family.
August 14, 2018
Jette for RYLA and Xander for Young RYLA were great speakers today!  We enjoyed hearing about their experiences!
Happy Dollars  
Clinton had TWO happy shares last week so he is using his one credit this week.  Clinton you make us giggle!
Barb shared she and Greg celebrated their 36 year wedding anniversary!  Congratulations Barb and Greg!  Hope you have a fabulous 37th year!
Jenn was happy Greg loaned her a buck so she could share her story of her near miss with a bear this weekend in Walden, CO (North Park).  A bear was sighted going toward Jenn's Airbnb, luckily Jenn got a ride to where she was staying and didn't have to rely on her running skills. Whew! Jenn had a fabulous time balloon crewing three mornings in Walden.  She is going for a personal crewing record for the year of - 50 times. She is more than half-way.  Not a Guiness record, although she did consider going for a Guinness beer record as Roman suggested. 
Xander was excited to speak about his Young RYLA adventures!  We loved hearing about them!  Thanks Xander!
Cheryl received good news on Monday after a stressful weekend worrying about her mother.  Her mom had a fall and they thought she may have broken something.  But not so!  Mom is ok.  She will have to go slow for a bit.  Hopefully she'll be healed in time for Cheryl's daughter's wedding next month when mom will be one of the flower girls!  Sweet idea!  Can't wait to see how mom's walker will be decorated.  
Jette is excited to start her final year in High School.  She is looking forward to her future as a senior and beyond as a college student.  Sounds like she has a good plan.  We wish her the best!
Greg used his sleuthing skills at a Murder Mystery Theater this weekend.  The Theater is west of Boulder at Gold Hill Inn. While Greg enjoyed dinner - TWO people were murdered.  Unphased, Greg and his table continued to eat- haha. During the different courses Greg's table was able to put together the clues to figure whodunit for one of the victims.  Sounds fun!  Maybe you'd like a good mystery? Gold Hill Inn
Roman enjoyed spending time with a co-worker he hasn't seen in 4 years.  And Roman is excited to visit New Jersey this week!  Doesn't sound like the best time to go, since the New Jersey rain is making national news.  Eight inches of rain in a day, yikes!  NJ Weather Story.  But, the rain will probably give Roman a great opportunity to catch up with his sister in NJ.  Enjoy your trip!  
Leisl had a successful planning session with the Boy Scouts last week.  The boys made some good plans - glad to hear! And great to see you Leisl!   
Bev met up with the Up with People cast.  The gap year students were from all points of the globe.  Such an interesting program. Looks like there are still tickets for their production on August 24th.  Here is a link for tickets and more information about the program Up With People - Denver.  Our group supported students for the local Up with People, Jr camp.  Thanks Bev for letting us know about this program!
August 7, 2018
Nick from Anadarko gave an update on the use, acquisition, drilling and reclamation of oil and natural gas in Colorado.
Happy Dollars
Barb - Went to Larkspur this weekend to pick up a friend's child from Young RYLA program.  Barb attended the Young RYLA end of camp show that highlighted the core values the campers practiced during their week.  Can't wait for next week's meeting where a couple of RYLA attendees will share their experiences at camp.  Leisl - We would love to hear about Xander's experience too!  
Jenn - Traveled to Craig, CO for a balloon festival.  There was lots of rain for the weekend but Jenn's pilot was able to get in a short, beautiful flight on Saturday.  Jenn mentioned she was responsible for a teenager's well being all weekend!  What a challenge!  Happy to say, the teen was returned to the parental figures unharmed!  
Brian - Is hosting a professional development program for all the 330 teachers in the district - teachers from kindergarten to high school.  What a great way to communicate a consistent message!  Brian mentioned he is ready for the kids to be back in school and back on a schedule.  School starts next week!  Hope the kids settle in quick!  
Cheryl - (a potential new member!) Attended her first meeting today!  She has 7 kids and 12 grandkids with 2 more grandkids on their way!  Cheryl is hosting her daughter's (right Cheryl?) wedding in her large backyard in September.  Very exciting, we look forward to hearing more about the wedding preparations and more about Cheryl!  
Nick - our speaker from Anadarko recently learned about a great camp in Estes Park that invites kids with severe epilepsy.  It is a safe environment that allows kids to meet others that have seizures, to show the kids they are not alone.  Read about the camp here:  Jason's Camp   The Epilepsy Foundation also offers a camp at the same location (Ponderosa) where Young RYLA was held.  Greg mentioned he knows a person that attended as a camper and later returned to become a counselor!  Very cool!  
Greg - Went on a very nice bike ride this weekend.  As the multitasker he is, Greg was also able to drop off some brochures at one of his listings along his bike route.  Greg was headed to Chicago today for a quick one day trip for a NAR(?) Committee Meeting.  Glad he could make our meeting this morning!
Clinton - Went to see the production of Les Miserables at the Buell Theater!  Rave reviews of the show from Clinton!  Clinton was excited to share news of his Sister-in-law becoming engaged to a fine fellow.  Maybe his sister-in-law can look at Cheryl's wedding venue as possible places to wed!?!  Haha - just kidding Cheryl!  Clinton we can't wait to hear more details of your South Africa trip!  
Roman - has been enjoying his parade of visitors!  He is in a temporary lull until the most recent group of visitors return on Friday from a detour to a wedding in Aspen.  Roman will soon become a travelling visitor himself when he goes to New Jersey.  Hope you have a great trip!  
Bev - Enjoyed installing three of our little libraries in the neighborhood last week.  Good work CV Rotary!  After the installations, Bev, Greg, Barb, Jenn, Boy Scout Leader and Dad Ross, Boy Scout Will, and Will's younger siblings had a great time sharing some pizza at Greg's backyard oasis.  The view from Greg's back deck was fabulous - thanks Greg for sharing!  And we made the paper!  Great story about Will in the CV Consumer report check it out here:  CV Consumer Report Page 6
From Jenn - Mike Wegele says hello!  I saw him after the meeting - he fixed our sprinkler system!  Thanks Mike!  He also said he would order some peaches!  
July 31, 2018
We had a great speaker today!   Hiker Trailers check out their website!  Well designed specialty trailers priced moderately.  The owner lives in Firestone and would love to move his business to the Tri-Town area.  
Happy Dollars 
Barb attended Englewood Rotary Club event Guitars for the Troops.  Barb enjoyed hearing guest speaker Admiral Michelle Howard.  Admiral Howard was the US Navy's 1st female 4 star admiral. Barb said the speech was interesting and funny!  Check out her bio  Admiral Howard BIO
Jenn said exciting things are happening at work!  They just launched a new furniture line created by the Principal and Creative Director of TRIO.  Check it out New Furniture  Jenn is proud to be a part of an always changing and growing company.  
Rob from Hiker Trailers is happy that business is doing well, they are booked with orders for the next two years!  
Greg enjoyed a beautiful weekend by taking out the Mustang!  Woo Hoo 
Roman's granddaughter (right Roman?)  was on a 15 day mission that was rewarded with a 3 day rafting trip.  The mission was rewarding and the rafting was fun!  
Leisl's happy dollar is that Xander is away at YRYLA this week. It was interesting to see how they had it set up at drop off. I can't wait to hear all about it on Friday.
Bev met up with a potential new member!  A Mortgage Lender (Bev mentioned his name quickly) who knows Greg professionally.  He plans on coming to a meeting soon.  Bev and the potential member were discussing Rotary initiatives, including the eradication of Polio.  The potential member mentioned an interesting fact about Polio.  It has been successful in combating brain tumors.    Wow!  Check this short story out CBS News